Witness to the bullies

God works in mysterious ways that are beyond human comprehension. Selwyn was selected to study medicine at Madurai Medical College. He joined the first year and had to stay in the hostel. Ragging was common during those days. Even now, ragging has become sadistic and violent. One day 6-7 senior students came to Selwyn’s room. They started threatening and bullying. One of them demanded Selwyn to empty his pockets. They intended to rob him. When Selwyn emptied, there was a small book. The book was Soul-winners New Testament produced by Pocket Testament League. Puzzled, asked Selwyn to place his index finger and read just that sentence. Selwyn opened and read: IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE YOU WILL PERISH. The bullies were shocked. Selwyn gathered courage and said the preceding part: IF YOU BELIEVE, YOU WILL NOT PERISH. One of the students said his sister was a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. (In potter’s hand, biography of Dr. Selwyn Ebenezer)
Witness: The mandate for all believers is to be a witness. (Acts 1:8) Carrying a New Testament was common among Christians in the 1970s, which has now become an app for smartphones. Many believers used to read the New Testament when they had to wait or travel by public transport. Sadly, now it has been replaced with video games and forwarded videos.
Boldness: God gave a timid Selwyn boldness to confront the bullies. God’s word was so powerful that the physically strong bullies felt weak. They felt powerless and did not bother or harm him anymore.
Vision: The vision of Selwyn was to introduce others to the Lord. For that, he procured Soul Winner’s New Testament which could be used as a tool to share the gospel. His love for the Lord and vision compelled him to gain new skills and tools to share the gospel.
Protection: God’s promise of His presence, when we are engaged in sharing the gospel is true. (Matthew 28:18-20) Indeed it was victory amid hostility.
Am I a bold witness for Him?