Seven Kinds of Pharisees

In Jewish literature, there are seven kinds of Pharisees. Many of them were legalistic, while few were God-fearing and God-loving. The God-fearing Pharisees were considered as good, while God-loving Pharisees were considered the best.
1. The shoulder Pharisee: He parades his good deeds before men, and wears a badge of honor on his shoulder. Lord Jesus condemned them. (Matthew 23:4) They are hypocrites who love to stand in public places for people to see their piety and prayers. (Matthew 6:5) There are Christian Pharisees who talk more but do little or nothing.
2. The wait-a-little Pharisee: He tends to make all others wait, as he is involved in some good deed. He will always find an excuse to postpone offering any kind of help to others. There are Christians like the Priest and Levite who ignored the dying man on the road, in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
3. The Blind Pharisee: This person tries to avoid seeing a woman. Hence close his eyes and get hit or bangs himself on some instruction. Hence always has an injury. There are Christians who are biased and have the wrong attitude toward women.
4. The Pestle Pharisee: This person always hangs his head, to express humility and to avoid alluring temptations. Some Christians are perpetually afflicted by a guilty conscience without having the assurance of their sins being forgiven in the Lord Jesus Christ.
5. The counting Pharisees: This person always keeps counting the good deeds he has performed, to offset what he had neglected to do or his failures. He also asks what more should be done.
6. The God-fearing pharisee: They fear God and know He is a righteous judge. Hence, try to be perfect to avoid all consequences of sin including punishment and eternal judgment. Some Christians seek holy life just to escape hell.
7. The God-loving pharisee: This person truly loves God, as Abraham did. Willing to be obedient even to the point of giving up his son Isaac. A Kingdom Christian is willing to sacrifice and serve the Lord with love.
Am I a Kingdom Christian loving God?