Zaria Gorvett writes about shipwrecks that happened around the world. Several websites provide a database. The number of ships and boats that have been shipwrecked varies from 150,000 to 250, 000. Around 15000 ships were sunk during World War II alone. UNESCO estimates that there would be three million undiscovered shipwrecks in the world’s oceans. (BBC News 12 June 2023) Some disciples shipwreck their faith. Paul warns Timothy to hold on to faith in good conscience and not shipwreck his faith. (I Timothy 1:18-20)
Love for the world: Demas was a good disciple when he began. He was in the company of Paul. (Philemon 1:24). Later he shipwrecked his faith that he deserted Paul to love the world. (II Timothy 4:10) The principles of the world: Desire of eyes, Desire of flesh, and Pride of life could shipwreck anyone if the disciples are not cautious and ever alert. (I John 2:16)
Deceitful riches: In the Parable of Sower, some seed fell among the thorns. It began to spring forth but was strangled by thorns. The deceitfulness of riches, pleasures of the world, and present worldly attractions made it unproductive. (Luke 8:14) Satan can disguise himself as riches and deceive anyone. He had such an audacity to even tempt the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to worship only once in private. (Matthew 4:9)
Rejection of good conscience: Hymenaeus and Alexander began well but rejected faith and good conscience; they shipwrecked their faith. (I Timothy 1:18-20) Holding fast to the faith that was once delivered to Saints is vital for the Christian faith journey. (Jude 1:3)
Entangled: The disciples who had escaped from the defilements of the world, through the gospel, get again entangled in them and are overcome by the filthiness of the world. Their final stage is worse than the first. (II Peter 2:20)
Hardened heart: Because of an unbelieving, hardened, and rebellious heart, a person could shipwreck faith. (Hebrews 3:12-14) God’s mercy is bestowed upon those who have contrite hearts and tremble at His Word. (Isaiah 66:2)
Am I careful to hold on to faith and not perish by shipwreck?