Manna: Fist Instant Meal

God provided manna for the Israelites for forty years in the wilderness. The average number of Israelites who wandered in the wilderness is estimated by experts as 3 million. They needed 4,500 tons of manna each day. God bestowed upon them around 65,700,000 tons of Manna for forty years.
God’s provision: God gave them manna as a balanced food for forty years. In addition, God provides quail that came to their tents. The water that flowed from the rock nourished them. The journey of forty years, that too in wilderness, needed proper nourishment that gave strength and stamina.
Doors of Heaven: The Manna was the divine provision. (Psalms78:24-25) God opened the doors of heaven to provide Israelites. It was not from any human source or catering company.
Manna Rained: Jewish legends state that the North wind cleaned up the surface of the wilderness, and then the Manna rained. It was a supernatural phenomenon. The manna was not contaminated by soil or dust.
Abundant provision: It was in abundance and on Fridays, it was double portions to eat on Sabbath day. Israelites had to trust each day for their provision. They cannot hoard it, it will be eaten by maggots. Each day’s provision is enough for each day. Lord’s Prayer: Give us this day our daily bread is indicative of the experience of Israel in the wilderness.
Description: It fell in the night, morning when the dew evaporated, a flaky substance blanketed the ground. (Exodus 16:31) It was like white coriander seed, tasted like honey wafers, pale yellows in color, and was like gum resin. (Exodus 16:31; Number 11:7) The taste could be described as rich cream or oily cake or butter cake.
Bread of life: Lord Jesus repeated the miracle of Manna by feeding the 5000 in the wilderness. Lord Jesus called Himself ‘the true Bread of life from God, from heaven. (John 6:32; 33; 35; 48; 51)
Hidden Manna: The promise of Hidden Manna is for the overcomers. (Revelation 2:17)
Do I receive the Manna from heaven in faith every day?