Sinful altars

One woman and her illicit lover hatched a plan and killed two minor children, a boy, and a girl. The lover wanted the woman to prove her real love by killing her minor children. Sadly, today people have created many altars for sinning. “Because Ephraim has multiplied altars for sinning, they have become to him altars for sinning.” (Hosea 8:11)
Altars for sinning: Like the Israelite, who kept on multiplying altars to continuously sin, the whole humanity follows them. Sinning itself has become a religion that they make special altars to enhance their pseudo-spiritual escapades.
Altars of lust: Sex before marriage, and outside marriage has increased. The result is unwanted pregnancies of young unwed women and married women. The consequence of their sin is being dealt with by aborting the child. There are others, who are not satisfied in their married life, want to divorce, even find new partners before divorce. They like to eradicate their past married life by killing their children in the earlier marriage.
Altars of greed: Children become soft targets for those who are greedy. They kidnap the rich and powerful and demand blood money to release small children.
Altars of the digital world: Child pornography is watched by millions of people around the world. Adult men or women having sex with children. Or small boys made to get involved in sex with small girls are filmed and loaded in websites. Children are sacrificed to fulfill the lust of adults obsessed with child pornography.
Altars of wicked power: There are tantric who want to have power. By giving children as sacrifice, they expect to gain immense power to harm people from the deity they worship and sacrifice to.
Altars of perpetual slavery: Adolescent girls when they attain puberty are dedicated and married to deities of the local temple. Such girls become Temple Prostitutes. Sadly, generation after generation some families are under perpetual slavery.
Altars of addiction: Some become drug addicts and induce others to drug for getting money to survive and take higher-kick drugs.
Do I place myself as a Living Sacrifice to the Lord? (Romans 12:1)