Smart Temptations!

In the era of smartphones, Satan also devices smart temptations. By holding a smart phone in your hand, a hype is created that you have hold over the whole world. Strangely, most do not have a hold over their life, thoughts, words or actions. Smart persons are those who have self-control, patience, and calmness rather than who conquer a city or even the world. (Proverbs 16:32)
1) Are you hungry: Satan asked the Lord who had fasted for forty days, if he was hungry. He instigated him to do a miracle of converting stones into bread. Today, phone apps like swiggy or uber eat could tempt by popping up messages. One message says: “Nothing to celebrate, then celebrate with swiggy.” It is smartphone induced hunger. Lord Jesus countered Satan stating that man’s need the Word of God rather than just food. (Matthew 4:1-11)
2) Show to global audience: Satan asked the Lord to jump from the pinnacle of the Temple and become an instant sensation and celebrity for all people in Jerusalem. Satan said, people will applaud and angels will hold a security net so that you do not fall and hurt yourself. Instagram and Facebook invite you to present yourself to a global audience with face enhancing tools.
3) Glory of the world: Satan showed from the top a mountain the glory of all nations around. To have that, Lord was tempted to bow down before Satan. Today, the glory of the world of possessions is shown through apps like Flipkart or Amazon. The temptation is to covet what you do not need or may never need in our life. Smartphone apps offer even other things, you do not need to own, but enjoy without commitment. You can choose from many types of luxury cars to enjoy your travel through Ola or Uber app.
We ought to be careful. Satan should not outwit us for we are not ignorant of his strategies or devices or tools. Let us be smarter than smart phones and Satan.
Am I able to outsmart Satan and be victorious?