Spiderman and Santa Claus

A mall proprietor had a brilliant idea. He created a spider man costume and hired a man to wear to invite people, especially families with children inside their shopping mall. It became the talk of the town. The antics performed by the spider-man became a hit among children. Many children will ask their parents to go to the mall just to watch spider man. Many parents would come to see and take a selfie with the spider man and just leave without entering the mall. The owner of the mall reviewed the performance of Spiderman and fired him. He did not facilitate children and parents coming into the mall to buy, he rather hindered them by being the centre of attraction.
It is like the issue of Santa Claus. The idea of Santa Claus is derived from a historical personality that became a legend. Nicholas was a famous bishop of Myra (now Demre) in Lycia. He was generous in giving to the poor. One of the famous stories is that he gave a generous gift that helped three daughters of a poor pious Christian so that they were not pushed into prostitution. He was well known as a bearded bishop in Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Germany, and the Czech Republic. The tradition became prominent in the West as Santa Claus with a pot belly, red dress, and snow-white beard riding a reindeer sleigh and bringing gifts to children.
Sant Claus was portrayed as a generous person, loving the poor, marginalized, and children. That helped the Church to give anonymously to the poor as Santa Claus would visit the localities where the poor lived. Sadly, the world has been mesmerized by Santa Claus. Instead of facilitating the reason for the season of Christmas celebration, he became a distraction from Lord Jesus Christ. As the mall management fired Spiderman, churches could do without Santa Claus. Or make sure that Santa Claus facilitates, and leads people coming to Lord Jesus Christ.
Christmas reminds us that Lord Jesus gave Himself for us to redeem us. (Ephesians 5:2; Titus 2:14)
Do I celebrate Christmas as a giving festival?