World owes to a stable

God’s most significant intervention in the history of humanity is incarnation. It happened in a simple, humble, and unadvertised atmosphere. Amazingly, the birth of Lord Jesus was in an unhygienic place, wrapped in swaddling clothes, without basic facilities. He was placed on the hay in the fodder trough, manger. The World today needs the influence or touch of the ‘Stable’ more than at any time in the history of the world.

1) Uncertainty to hope: We are living in unstable, uncertain, and volatile times. The future seems dark, dangerous, and disoriented. The Christmas message is hope. Without hope, there is no stable present.

2) Moral relativism to convictions: Morality has been degraded to individual subjective preferences and choices. More and more young people are confused and are going astray. The birth of Lord Jesus Christ brings the Law, Love and Grace personified. There is no ambiguity but firm and stable moral and righteous convictions.

3) Fear to Faith: The shepherds were terrified to see the angels appear. The message of the angel was assurance that helped them to move from fear to faith. They went to Bethlehem to express their faith in worship. In the world of fear, faith is the anchor that provides stability – the marvelous result of the Stable.

4) Stress to Joy: The ‘Stable’ is a picture of joy, humility, and simplicity. The Creator of the world chose a stable instead of a palace. Contentment in the barest minimum is the greatest joy. Today, the world dominated by consumerism is stressed out. Christmas reminds us that stability and joy do not come from the abundance of riches or gadgets.

5) Fake news to Good News: Mass media is filled with false news, and social media is filled with fake news, however, Christmas is the good news.

Do I have a stable life because of the Lord born in Bethlehem?