Strengthened by Sabbath

As an old business man lamented that he had not seen such ‘funny’ young workers. They were demanding five days’ work and weekend holidays. He said, they just work for five days to make money and waste it in entertainment, enjoyment and eating. They do not save money and come to him to get an advance every week.

Creation: God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day and made it holy. He gave a mandate to humans to have sabbath on the seventh day of the week. A week is seven days in all cultures and nations in the whole world. That also indicates the biblical account of creation is the truth. Sabbath day was for Rest and Reflection. The main aspect of reflection is: humans are not created for work or profession, but for God. Throughout the world, for all humans God’s mandate is Sabbath, a day of resting in the Lord and worshipping the Lord.

Weekend: Satan engineered culture and commerce to create a weekend as against the Sabbath. He subtly Weakened humanity by a novelty called Weekend. Satan successfully substituted ‘self’ in place of God. While Sabbath is centred around God, weekends are centred around self.

Celebration community: Worship, Word, Witness and Will of God have been abandoned. Church gatherings are always a joyful celebration of God’s presence, Word and fellowship. However, Community life of the church gets neglected. Many believers like to pack in less than two hours the worship so that they have rest of time for other activities. Instead, Eating out, Entertainment, Enjoyment and Excursion…became the norm for the world.

Hype or truth: The media, both mass and social media continues to amplify the hype of the weekend. Hype is not truth and cannot be truth. The myth of enjoyment as the purpose of life is vanity. The choice is still ours: Hype or Truth.

Strengthened or weakened: Those who celebrate Sabbath are strengthened in their spiritual life and make steady progress towards the eternal destination of heaven. Those who celebrate the weekend, ignoring Sabbath will incrementally become feeble and perish.

Do I celebrate Sabbath?