The Expression of Gratefulness

Lord told a parable to Simon the Pharisee: One debtor owed about two months’ wages and another two years’ wages to a Moneylender. He was magnanimous to forgive both. Simon rightly said that the one who had a larger debt cancelled will love the moneylender more. (Luke 7:41-44) Lord taught that gratefulness for forgiveness, and mercy shown is expressed with love. The woman expressed her gratitude by doing three things that Simon as the host failed to do.
Friendly welcome: Hosts walk to the gate to receive guests. They embrace, kiss, and invite them into their home. Simon did not do that, which was a dishonor to the guest. However, the woman who did not have a decent home honored Lord Jesus Christ by kissing the Lord’s feet. She knew the Lord as Messiah and worshiped him. (Psalms 2: 12)
Washing feet: As people generally walk, their feet become dusty. Hence, the host must provide water and a towel, if possible, and a servant to wash the feet of the guest. Simon failed, the woman washed the Lord’s feet with her tears and used her hair as the towel.
Anointing: It was a custom to anoint the head with oil or perfume which Simon did not. The woman anointed him with expensive perfume.
Self-righteous pharisee: As a Pharisee, Simon had learned theology, memorized extensive portions of Scripture, exercised rigorous self-discipline, tithed meticulously, spent time “serving” God, and had a reputation as a religious leader. And yet he did not love God.
Little Love or Great love? “He who is forgiven little loves little.” People who recognize the magnitude of their sins would understand the immensity of God’s grace and love of God. A person’s love for the Lord is directly proportionate to the consciousness of his/her sin, helplessness, and hate for sin. Paul understood that principle and rightly called himself the chief of sinners. (I Timothy 1:15)
Gratefulness: All in the world ought to be grateful to God for their very life. More so, the believers who have experienced His mercy.
Do I express my gratitude to the Lord in love?