Unexpected Interruption

Lord Jesus Christ was proceeding to the home of Jairus as his daughter was sick and about to die. On the way, there was a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. (Luke 8:43-49) Her suffering was Physical, non-stop menstruation that caused pain and discomfort. It was Economic as all her wealth was lost in medical treatment. It was Spiritual as she was excluded from worship. It was Social as Mosaic Law forbade her to touch anyone. (Leviticus 15:19-31) It was Mental, as she lost all hope. It was Emotional as she lost all joy and peace, and was sorrowful always.

Touch: She did not want to be identified and was ashamed to ask for healing. She came from behind and touched the corner of the garment of Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith or superstition? It was a mix of faith and superstition. It was wrong to believe that his garment had power. In another sense, it was an expression of faith to receive an unexpected miracle, as such healing had not happened before. Her object of faith was right, the Son of God who had the power to heal.

Healed: When she touched the edge of the garment, Lord did not become unclean. Instead, she was healed, and her flow of blood immediately stopped.

Who touched me? For Peter the question was stupid. Peter and the disciples did not understand the difference between casual touch and touching with faith. However, Lord explained that someone’s touch resulted in the flowing of his power.

Confession: Trembling she came and fell in fear and worship.

Affirmation: Lord affirmed her faith calling her daughter and declaring her as a whole. If not, she could have doubted her healing or had a guilty conscience that she stole the blessing. It was not to embarrass her but to help her grow in faith and become a witness.
Jairus inspired? Lord continued his journey to raise Jairus’ daughter, as she was dead of the delay. Jairus must have grown in faith too.
Do I reach out to him in faith and expectation?