Mourners and scorners

Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, invited Lord Jesus to come and heal his daughter. As Jesus came, a woman who was sick with the flow of blood for twelve years, touched him secretly and was healed. Lord wanted her to identify herself and assured her that her faith had made her whole. Meantime the news came that Jairus’ daughter was dead. Lord asked Jairus not to fear but believe. When they reached home there was mourning. Lord took Peter, James, John, Jairus, and his wife inside the room where Jairus was lying dead. Lord Jesus kept three categories of people outside when he raised Jairus’ daughter to life. (Luke 8:40-56)
1. Unbelievers: There are two kinds of people: a ‘finite mindset’ and a ‘faith mindset’. The finite mindset group of people depends on their senses, and reasons to perceive and understand things. People with a ‘faith mindset’ could go beyond reason and trust God’s power. Lord Jesus kept the rest of the disciples and other relatives out as they did not have adequate faith.
2. Mourners: Mourners always tend to live in the past. The mourners in this incident were worrying about the death of the little girl. They scorned Jesus while He suggested that the girl was alive. The Jerusalem temple was rebuilt, and when dedicated, the older people wept with the nostalgia of the old temple and its glory. (Ezra 3:12) Instead of accepting, affirming, and encouraging the youngsters, old people condemned them. Mourners tend to suffer from ‘selective amnesia,’ as the Children of Israel were nostalgic about slavery as if they had great food and freedom and mourned against Moses. (Exodus 16:3)
3. Scorners: These are those who are skeptical of God’s Promises, God’s Power, God’s love, and God’s Grace. The people gathered there in the house were mocking Jesus when He said that the girl is alive. Mockers disregard God’s word and scoff regarding His Coming. (Psalm 1:1, II Peter 3:3,4). Forty-two youngsters were killed when they jeered Elisha, the servant of God. (II Kings 2:23-25)
Unbelievers, Mourners, and Scorners cannot be part of God’s great plan.
Do I shun these three categories?