Two prayers; Two outcomes!

Lord Jesus Christ went to the Eastern side of the Sea of Galilee to a Gentile area of the Decapolis.

A Demon-possessed man: He led an abnormal life in that he did not wear clothes and lived among the dead in graveyards. With supernatural strength, he used to break the chains used to bound him. By cutting himself and crying, he was self-destructive. (Luke 8: 26-39)

Sought Lord: The man sought out Lord Jesus as he could not deliver himself. The demons recognized Lord Jesus and asked him not to torment them with His Holy presence. When asked to name demons they said they are a legion (A Roman legion had six thousand men). This was to intimidate Lord Jesus Christ.

Pigs drowned: The demons did not want to be imprisoned in the abyss. (Revelation 9:11) The demons cannot even afflict pigs without the permission of God. Satan is a sadist; he will enjoy distress and death in animals too. Satan always wants to rob, destroy and kill and kill the two-thousand pigs. (John 10:10) It was a loss for the owner of the pigs. Compared with one man being saved, the cost was not meager.

The delivered man: People who were witnessing informed others in the city. They came and were surprised to see the demon-possessed man sitting at the feet of Lord Jesus Christ with a robust mind.

Exile request granted: The people asked the Lord to leave that place. The people were glad to have a demon-possessed man but did not want the Lord of life in their midst. Lord left.

Follow request rejected: The healed man requested permission to accompany Lord Jesus, probably fearing further attacks from demons. Lord wanted him to go back to his family and community to witness what God had done for him. The people there could not chase him.

Preacher: The man without any training, as instructed by the Lord went on and shared what great things God had done to him in Decapolis, perhaps to Tyre and Sidon where believers were met by Paul later. (Acts 21:3-7)

Do I realize God’s plan when God answers No?