The Fullness of Time

God prepared the world for Lord Jesus to come and he came when the time was appropriate. (Galatians 4: 4,5)

Universal Law: Scholars believe that Romans were the first to bring Unity of humanity under Universal Law. That universal law prepared the minds of people to understand that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)

Citizenship: Romans also granted citizenship to those who were conquered. This prepared the minds of people for the idea of the Kingdom of God and the citizenship of the Kingdom.

Highways: Apian Way were the roads constructed by Romans. It had four lanes on each side, and it was straight. That became the forerunner for modern motorways or freeways.

Safe Travel: Romans also provided security for road travel as well as sea travel. Road dacoits and sea pirates were marginalized or eliminated, which allowed free travel. Early missionaries like Paul took the gospel to Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Garrisons: Roman Garrison’s locals to the army and did building projects that benefited the local population. Interracial relationships and brotherhood paved the way to understanding the koinonia are being One Body of Christ, the Church.

Pax Romana: Roman Empire established peace known as Pax Romana. This brought economic and social progress, prosperity, and harmony.

Spiritual Vacuum: The local gods and goddesses could not protect their local kingdoms. They all fell before the march of the Romans. Hence, there was a spiritual vacuum that was filled by the preaching of the gospel. The Hellenistic culture (Greek culture). This culture helped many people to move from superstitions and irrational faith to philosophy. Again, philosophy created an intellectual vacuum that was fulfilled by the gospel truth.

Language: The Greek language was used in all aspects of the Roman Empire. This language was widely spoken. The gospel preaching in Greek was well received in the whole empire. The ideas, truth, concepts, and doctrines of the Scripture could be easily communicated in the Greek language. Philosophy, poetry, drama, athletics, and government were Greek contributions to the world.

Have I prepared my heart, family, and community to receive the Lord?