The Lamb of God

When a powerful person like Caesar or Chancellor or Emperor or Pharaoh visits a new place, there will be a grand welcome. Many titles, honours and awards would be given. Prominent people would be present to welcome Him. However, when Lord Jesus Christ began His ministry there was no rousing welcome. John the Baptist sent by God was there to identify the Messiah to the Nation of Israel and world. John did not say: Look, a Great King or a Great Prophet or a Law Giver…but ‘The Lamb of God.’ (John 1:29)
1) Passover Lamb: God judged Egypt for oppressive slavery of Israel and hardened heart of Pharaoh. The last plague was death of all first-born. All Hebrew families were commanded by Moses to choose a lamb, sacrifice, and apply the blood on the lintel and doors of the home. Lamb is considered: harmless, innocent, meek, humble, patient, usefulness – food and clothing. The Angel of Death seeing the blood, will Pass Over the home. Lord Jesus Christ came as lamb to die on the cross of Calvary as redemption for humanity. Lord Jesus is the ‘Lamb that was slain.’ (Revelation 5:12)
2) Vicarious death: Blood sacrifice was essential in Old Testament and was offered in faith according to Law of Moses. All those sacrifices were done looking forward to the ultimate sacrifice of the ‘Lamb of God.’ Yes, bloods of animals do not have the capacity to ‘take away’ the sin. (Hebrews 10:4) The blood of Lord Jesus Christ will take away the sin. (John 1:29; I John 3:5) The wrath of God is removed. (John 3:36; I John 2:2) Those who believe in Lord Jesus will have their name recorded in the ‘Lamb’s book of life.’ (Revelation 21:7)
3) Universal: Lord Jesus Christ comes as Saviour of the World not as earthly king of Israel. The Gospel is universal, global and for all people.
Is my name recorded in the ‘Lamb’s book of Life’?