They tested the Lord

The rebellious nation of Israel provoked the Lord again and again, at least ten times. (Numbers 14:20-23) Strangely and surprisingly, the ex-slaves could not perceive themselves as a Nation chosen by God to be His representatives in the world.
1) Fear of Pharaoh: God judges the Nation of Egypt with Ten Plagues. However, Pharoah was not willing to let go the free services of the slave. Hence, pursued them. Israel could not come out of fear of Pharaoh, hence they expressed disbelief. (Exodus 14:10-12)
2) Bitter water: In the wilderness, when the water was bitter, they rebelled against Moses and Aaron and could have stoned them to death. (Exodus 15:22-24)
3) Hunger: In Egypt, they lived hand to mouth. But had an imagined nostalgia for the great foods they had there. (Exodus 16:1-3)
4) Manna daily dose: Lord commanded us to gather manna and eat it on the same day. They tried to store up against God’s direction which became rotten. (Exodus 16:19-20)
5) Sabbath: Though forbidden, they went to gather manna on the Sabbath Day but could not find any. (Exodus 16:27-30)
6) Complaint for water: At Rephidim, Israel rebelled for drinking water.
7) Golden calf: They rejected the living God, when Moses was in God’s presence receiving the Ten Commandments, compelling Aaron to create gods. Aaron willingly obliged, there was false worship and revealing. (Exodus 32:1-35)
8) Grumbled: At Taberah grumbled against the Lord complaining about their misfortune. For them, serving God and freedom was simply misfortune.
9) Demanding meat: At Kibroth Hattaavah they murmured that they had just Manna, which was angels’ food and demanded meat. God gave quails and also punished them.
10) Rejected report: At Kadesh in the Desert of Paran, they rejected the report of Joshua and Caleb. The report of the other ten, that was imagination without any faith, was trusted. (Number 14:1-3)
Water, food, fear of death, fear of enemies and choosing the golden calf were the sins of Israel. Basically, it is a lack of faith in God, a Gracious, Loving and Compassionate God.
Do I believe or test my God?