Maximum Care

Daily we could see strands of hair on our pillows, combs, and bunches on bathroom floors. Most probably we never care to look a second time. For most of us, the hair fallen is waste, garbage and dirty. No one likes fallen hair in the food served in home or restaurants. There are people who are worried about the colour of their hair too.
Meticulous care: Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples that the Heavenly Father has our data that includes the counting of our hair. (Luke 12:7 and Matthew 10:30) Scientists state that there are about 5 million hairs in an adult human body of which only 100000 is on the scalp. Our hair grows and falls continuously. That means God is watching over us moment by moment. The most loving and intimate spouse does not know the number of hairs in the partner. Of course, it is beyond human capacity to count. The fact of God’s love, intimacy and care is revealed and evidenced by the way we keep count of our hair.
Mistaken Myth: A common myth is that we lose hair when we worry. So, worry is lack of faith in God’s goodness, greatness, genuineness, and graciousness. Are we conscious of this truth and are grateful for that?
Meaningful care: God sent an angel to rescue and release Peter from prison. The angel was not in a hurry to rescue him off. It was real tender care. First, the angel had to wake up Peter as he was fast asleep. Second, he was advised to gird up as he was in night dress. Third, he must tie up his sandals. Four, he had to put on his overcoat. (Acts 12:8)
Mindful Care: The Lord records our tossing (not able to sleep) or wanderings and collects tears in his bottle. (Psalms 56:8) How many times do we turn in our bed? Futile trips with no purpose served? Tissues dry up tears, but fresh in His perspective and records.
God Cares is foolproof; it embraces Mega as well as Micro dimensions.
Am I grateful to this Caring Master?