Turn the world upside down?

Political ideologies seek revolution, mostly by violence. However, gospel brings holistic transformation in communities, societies, and nations. Gospel transformation is through ideas: preached, proclaimed, proved, and persuaded. In Thessalonica, a mob shouted: “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” (Acts 17:6)
1) Exclusive deity! Jewish people were enraged with Paul that their privilege as people of God was reduced and equated with Gentiles.
2) Equality: Paul’s proclamation was that all were equal sinners and have equal chances to become saints.
3) Messiah must suffer: Suffering has no meaning according to most philosophical traditions. Jews also expected Messiah to be a powerful king as Son of David and bring the whole world under His rule.
4) Ghettos Vs. Ecclesia: In the Roman Empire in almost all cities, Roman had their colonies, so did the Jews with their synagogues. There were others living in their own conclaves or ghettos. Paul spoke of ‘ecclesia’ calling out people, coming together as one mystical body of Lord Jesus Christ.
5) Gender equation: Generally, a male Jew will pray somewhat like this: “Thank God that you have not made a slave (brute or animal), a woman or a gentile.” And Paul’s preaching resulted in the salvation of ‘a few of the leading women.’ (Acts 17:4)
6) Joy to the world: When Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, angels sang that became the inspiration for Christmas carol: Joy to the world. (Luke 2:13-14) The longest book in the Bible is Psalms.
7) Grab or Give: Zacchaeus was a notorious tax collector who extracted from people and was transformed to give to the poor.
8) Monogamy: Christianity taught a husband to love his wife, not to treat her as property. Women were empowered and liberated by monogamy.
9) Individual Freedom: Christian faith provides individuality and escape from anonymity, obscurity, and nothingness.
10) Self-less service: In the footsteps of Lord Jesus Christ, Christ followers did great service in areas of education, medical care, rescue, rehabilitation to humanity.
Do I apply biblical truths to transform the world around me?