Throwing garbage

A woman threw garbage on the street though a trash collection bin was nearby. The city municipal laws prohibit such acts that make the city untidy and unhealthy. The sanitary worker who collects garbage and cleans up the road, objects to this, stating that she should put the trash in the can and not on the street. The woman in turn abuses the poor man with innuendos. She shouted: “Who are you to tell me? Be conscious of your status.”
Social status: She was referring to her social status in the caste hierarchy. The poor sanitary workers are generally from the bottom of the social caste structure. Sadly, the hierarchy gives higher status to those who make places unclean and lower status to those who clean them up. There is a crude understanding that those in the higher status have a right to do that and those in the lower category have only the duty to clean and no right to dignity or equality.
Spiritual status: This woman could claim entry into most religious places. The poor sanitary worker cannot enter several worship places. In case he enters, the whole worship place will be defiled, the premises cleansed with sacred water, while the man will be punished, sometimes brutally harmed or maimed or dead.
Economic status: The woman spoke arrogantly as she had a higher economic status. She was riding her vehicle, while the poor man could not afford such luxuries. The municipality provides only hand-pushed carts to collect garbage. The richer woman thinks he is inferior because of his inability to make more money like her.
Dignity for the poor: The Bible teaches not to abuse a person because he is poor. Do not crush the afflicted. The Lord will plead their cause. (Proverbs 22:22-23) The poor sanitary worker is crushed by a job without proper tools, disrespect by the people, and abuse by such haughty people. All human beings are created in the image of God and Lord Jesus Christ died for all; hence all humans have dignity bestowed by God. (Genesis 1:27; II Corinthians 5:14-15)
Do I treat all with dignity, respect, and courtesy?