Titles of God

David is rich in his vocabulary as he sings praises, sings, thanks and worships God. “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” (Psalms 18:2) He gives nine titles for the Lord.
1) His Strength: The Lord is the one who has granted him strength, stamina and power to survive against the ruthless attack of enemies and also overcome them. Strength also means fountain, source, or origin of everything for David as used in previous verse. (Psalms 18:1)
2) His rock: This means a place of shelter, safety, and security. Moses also states the Lord is the rock of salvation. (Exodus 15:2) Lord’s word is rock on which a wise man builds his house. (Matthew 7:24)
3) His fortress: Kings build fortresses to get protection, which is also a safe place to hold up against siege. There would be provisions of water and food that could last for long days. God is our sustainer amid a hostile world.
4) His deliverer: Lord marvellously delivers us during a crisis. The Egyptian army was pursuing Israel with evil intention. Lord delivered them by dividing the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:21)
5) His God: King David knew God as the only person worthy of love, adoration, admiration, and worship.
6) His Refuge: It is a place that has a secret hiding place. Enemies could not easily find that secret place. (Psalms 32:7)
7) His Shield: It is a defensive weapon. It is like the Iron Dome used by Israel against missile attacks by enemies.
8) His Horn: For animals, horns give dignity, strength and confidence. It is also used as an offensive weapon. Horn in the altar denotes God’s salvation: a symbol of strength, power and victory.
9) His Stronghold: This is a place which is higher with a tower. From the tower it is possible to observe the movement of enemies even when they are at a great distance. Hence, plan wise strategies to defeat them.
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