Broad Place

Hotel Broadmoor, Colorado Springs is considered as one of the best destination resorts in the world. The name is interesting as the facilities they provide are very broad and more, meaning big, surplus, and multiple experiences. King David writes: “He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.” (Psalms 18:19) David describes his life experience as being like being picked by a helicopter rescuer as he was floating in a flooded river holding a piece of log. Yes, in life all of us long for a ‘Broad Place.’
1) Place of rest: David understood the emotional turmoil, mental tension, spiritual exhaustion and physical fatigue he went through. Now, God has brought him to a place of rest. After deliverance, there is always a need for rest.
2) Place of influence: When God places us in a broad place, it is certainly a place of influence. Job prayed for the restoration of his friends. Relatives, friends, acquaintances came to him and certainly were inspired by his awesome victory over misfortunes. (Job 42:10,11)
3) Place of Usefulness: When God brings us out of bad and bitter experiences; we become useful vessels and instruments of righteousness for Master’s use. (II Timothy 2:20; Romans 6:13) Vessels or instruments should be clean or holy. Instruments have to be custom designed as tools for a specialized purpose. The Lord prepares His people to do specific ministry.
4) Place of fruitfulness: Lord will also make us fruitful for His glory. God expects us to bring forth abundant and enduring fruit. Only in a broad place, fruitfulness is possible. In an overcrowded garden, productivity drops.
5) Place of victory: Broad place is also a place for overcomers. God gives not just deliverance from a dangerous environment, but a great victory.
6) Place of progress: Christian life is a pilgrimage of faith. Hence, the Lord allows us a broad place for a short time and takes us to the next level and another broad place, thus continuing our journey until we reach Heaven, the eternal Broad place.
Am I in the Broad Place God has placed me?