Treacherous Judah

God spoke to Jeremiah regarding the twin nations of Israel and Judah: “Faithless Israel has shown herself more righteous than treacherous Judah. (Jeremiah 3:11)
1) Foolish Choices: Judah was not careful with their choices. They were not able to understand the only true God and sought-after variety, variety and pseudo gods as choices. God has given freewill to human beings to make mature choices that would bring glory to God. It is essential to make responsible choices or else, face consequences for irresponsible choices.
2) Lopsided Priorities: Judah’s priorities were not right and appropriate. The leadership of Judah was inward looking and not missional. They strived to protect the Law rather than being communicators of the Law. So, they created more traditions in the name of protecting the Law and drained out the essence or spiritual aspect of the Law. When the priorities are not right, lot of energy and resources are wasted in ‘dead works’ or unprofitable deeds.
3) Herd mentality: Judah also had herd mentality that is following the crowd or the majority. Instead of standing firm as witness for the truth, they chose to follow the practices of people around them. Earlier children of Israel demanded King like other nations around them, thus rejecting Jehovah as King over them. Standing alone is strength and proof of spiritual maturity and growth. Worship and choices ought to be according to conviction based on scriptures and not convenient choice of masses.
4) Superficial spirituality: The spirituality of the Jewish nation was superficial. It was more outward expressions, without inner conviction. It was ceremonial rituals without understanding or meaning or involvement. Mind was by-passed in the spiritual exercises. Like new age meditations, where mind is emptied, they did not apply their mind or think but went through the motions of worship.

Spiritual life, nurture and growth do not happen quickly, overnight. Spiritual food is not fast food but strong meat that is heavy to digest. Spiritual warfare is not superficial spiritual entertainment; but struggle against forces of darkness.

Am I careful not to fall in traps of Satan?