True spiritual life

God created Adam in His own image. (Genesis 1:27) Essentially humans are spiritual beings longing to be in intimate personal relationship with God. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) However, because of sin humans become lopsided personalities. Instead of spiritual life directing human life, many other alternatives direct humans.
1) Spiritual: People who desire to be in personal relationship with God. They are those who have accepted Lord Jesus Christ, do His will, live as witness, have Kingdom as priority and righteousness as value system. (John 1:12; Matthew 6:33)
2) Moral: These people may not have relationship with God but have a sense of moral values. They strive to be truthful, honest, righteous, just, and peaceful. However, they may have flaws and their thought life may not be pure. All human righteous acts are like filthy rags in God’s perspective. (Isaiah 64:6)
3) Rational: They are great thinkers; approach life in logical manner. They interpret life by their own intelligence and decide, there is no God or supreme power. Their reason and analysis are their ultimate guiding force. King Solomon began as spiritual wise man, then slipped to being a rational man, elated by God given wisdom and ruined his life.
4) Emotional: They are guided by emotions, hence change often according to moods. Gradually, they become slave of their emotions and ruin their lives.
5) Physical: These people live or exist just to eat, drink, merry making. Stomach or food is their god. They just live for the present, without ambitions or purpose for life, like animals.
6) Social: Some are social beings, who are given to groupthink and herd mentality, confirm to group standards. With social media hyper-connectedness, they live and act as part of some group, without individual preferences or choices.
7) Psychic: There are a few who are affected by this, mental illness. Obsessed with one issue or aspect or experience, they violently try to achieve it.
Am I leading a spiritual life with intimate relationship with Lord Jesus Christ?