Truth or Empty Honour

A woman is a hapless victim of domestic violence and is hospitalized. Police inquiry was expected. Her mother-in-law whispered in the victim’s ears: “You are responsible for our family’s honour. Do not give any complaint to police. Better behave.” She did not complain or file a police complaint. Family honour was important than truth, righteousness and justice for that hapless woman. Similar incidents happened several times, each time she was given the privilege of holding high an empty ‘Family Honour’ by paying a huge price of immense suffering. Sadly, later she committed suicide. This happens every day in ‘honour and shame’ culture.
Concealing sin to keep an empty honour and not willing to confess and prosper is trait that is shamefully celebrated. In ‘honour and shame’ cultural view; transgressions, sins, aberrations, abominations, evil and wickedness should be concealed or veiled. As one metaphor goes: ‘hide it under the carpet.’ Bible teaches us: “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13)
When a sinner can go scot free, without repentance, confession, if necessary, punishment; s/he will be emboldened to behave in the same way again and again. In many homes, domestic violence is a perpetual story. Mostly wives and sometimes children are hapless victims. Strangely, the victims have been made responsible for upholding honour of family while perpetuators of crime are honoured in the wider family and society. There is no one to speak on behalf of voiceless victims but many to speak on behalf of vociferous wicked perpetuators.
Malachi condemns two sins: divorce and domestic violence. (Malachi 2:16) A man is supposed to cover his wife with his garment, if not his garment is blood stain, polluted by mindless violence against his wife. Those who preach against divorce do not speak against ‘domestic violence.’ Violence covers them like a garment. (Psalms 73:6) Repentance with humility bring God’s grace in our lives.
Do I confess or try to conceal my sin?