Truth stumbles at public places

Present generation is termed as the post-Truth generation. They have no regard or respect for truth. “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the public squares… there was no justice.” (Isaiah 59:14-15) Prophet Isaiah said that Truth stumbles in the public sphere, discourses and policies.

1) Superiority of culture: Culture is considered as more important than the dignity of individuals and rights of people.

2) Traditions over truth: There are traditions that are considered sacred, not willing to change even after evidence.

3) Social norms over righteousness: There are social norms that have become social evils yet tolerated and celebrated by the society. The dowry system is illegal, yet it is the social norm.

4) Ignorance is bliss: People are not allowed to think, instead are drowned in ignorance which is termed as bliss.

5) Myths as history: Pride, dignity among people, high status in society is aspiration for several people groups or castes. They want to replace history with myths, as they think their history is full of shame.

6) Rumours as authentic news: For many people, social media is the only source of information. Sadly, this platform is used to promote, teach and influence simple people with rumours, half-truths, cooked up stories.

7) Corrupt as saints: Statues are erected for the corrupt people who became rich by exploitation, oppression, and fraud.

8) Murderers as patriots: People who instigate hatred, violence that resulted in numerous deaths are celebrated as patriots and saints.

9) Atrocities as achievement: Rulers who have been autocratic, disregard human rights and ruthlessly eradicate opposition are called as great leadership.

10) Hurt feelings and government policies: A child is hurt because the teacher rebuked the child to correct her. She is hurt, sulking and her parents report to the media. Government formulates a policy, not to rebuke, correct or discipline children in schools.

11) Imaginations as research: During the pandemic, vaccinations became available from many nations without proper study or research. The data was not released in the public domain.
Do I love, learn and live the Truth?