Unruly people

There were few unruly students in a college. They never cared to study. Being envious, they mocked, harassed, and even bullied the students who studied well. Even teachers were not spared. Teachers found it difficult to handle classes, where these unruly students were present. As students at this prestigious institute, they brought disrepute to the college in the city. Hence, the management of the institution had to take disciplinary action, expelling few students. Like the unruly students, few members in the congregation could damage a church. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump. (Galatian 5:9) The Church in the city of Corinth was like this college with unruly members dominating and dictating in the church affairs.
Refuse to learn: Few members of the congregation could mislead, distract, and damage the local church. They do not learn truth or righteousness and apply it in their lives.
Distract disciples: These unruly members distract disciples from the mission of the church, vision of God and priority of the Kingdom of God. Through whispers and gossip, they create confusion, division, and sow seeds of hatred.
Mock leaders: These unruly members mock God-ordained leaders, Holy Spirit-inspired teachers and shepherds who care for the flock. Instead of listening to their teaching, following their guidance, and accepting their rebuke, they rebel against the leaders.
Lack of witness: Thus, the local church loses its testimony and fails to be a beacon during darkness. People outside the church do not see any difference or uniqueness in the lives of church members. Hence, a local church is not attractive to people around.
Disciplinary action: Paul calls for disciplinary action against those unruly members. Instead of compromising and protecting the sinful members, the leadership should confront and challenge such to repent. If they are not willing to repent, they should be treated like an unbeliever.
Paul’s advice: Paul advises not to associate with unruly people who are sexually immoral, greedy, idolaters, revilers, drunkards, swindlers …etc. They should be purged from the congregation. (I Corinthians 5:11-13) It is like performing surgery to remove cancerous cells.
Do I rebuke and call for repentance of the unruly believers?