Valuable Lessons for Children

In his book, “My Silk Road” Ram Gidamool writes about bringing up his children in Christian values. Each day after school and before going to bed the children were asked to share three things: Sad, Bad, and Glad. When a child expresses these three, children could teach them the right values, right choices, and right behavior. The Bible exhorts the parents to train their children in the way s/he should go. Such children will not depart from the right and righteous path even when they grow old. (Proverbs 22:6)
Sad: Children should learn that the world is imperfect and even unjust. There could be happenings around them that would make them sad. Ida Scudder felt sad when the pregnant women could not get treatment and they died while giving birth. Her sadness became a burden, which later shaped a vision to help Indian women, by training female doctors. God can give children a burden, and a vision and make them agents of transformation in society.
Bad: Children are not perfect. They could make mistakes, make blunders, and perform foolish acts. Children should learn to be humble, confess their faults, repent, and be determined to do better. Transparency is basic for integrity. When children share their bad deeds, they learn also to repent and forsake sins and be reconciled with God. Children will learn that it is not good or right to defend, justify, or cover wrongdoing but to seek forgiveness and perform restitutive acts. One who tries to cover the sin will not prosper, one who confesses and forsakes sins, will receive mercy. (Proverbs 28:13)
Glad: Children should be encouraged to share what made them glad. A child could be glad when someone is suffering or hurt, which could be foolishness or an envious attitude. Such an attitude needs correction. Gratefulness for glad things that happen around them should be expressed, giving glory to God. Contentment and godliness make a child glad too.
Bedtime family prayer could be meaningful for children if they are encouraged to share and pray individually.
Do I help my children to imbibe right and righteous values in life?