Weaned from Earth, Wedded to Heaven

“But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. (Psalms 131:2) Weaning is the first major crisis a human being faces. It is traumatic and painful. Yet, none of us can remember or recollect that experience. So, is all the trouble in this world, they are temporary, and we can be through them in better shape and frame of mind. The longings, crying and stubbornness are forgotten. David gives three reasons why he could calm himself. (Psalms 131:1)

1) Haughty attitude: A weaned child has a humble attitude. Haughty people cannot trust others as it offends their sense of self-importance and superiority complex. They will expect others to depend on them, even when they are not dependable. Showing off themselves as great people, will attract people around them, simple or foolish people. These sycophants will immensely boost their ego.

2) Lofty ambition: It is no wonder haughty people have lofty ambitions. Lucifer was not content with his position as an archangel and probably the choir master or worship leader in heaven. To sit on a throne above that of God was his ambition, so that he could receive worship. (Isaiah 14:13) That led to his downfall. Not being content, grateful, and grumbling, made him conspire and exalt himself against God.

3) Naughty intruder: David states that he does not get involved in things that are beyond his scope, comprehension, and purpose. There are many who wish to be advisors of all, commentators of everything, and experts of all subjects. Sadly, social media has a lot of them.

Like a weaned child that does not cry as before, but simply trusts his mother for provision and protection. Anxiety, worry, stress, fear, restlessness, confusion and hopelessness is not in a weaned child vocabulary. The Lord Jesus Christ affirms this status of Weaned Child and exhorts all his disciples to become like a child. (Matthew 18:1-3)

Are we weaned from the world and wedded to heaven?