With us in life journey

Cleopas and an unnamed disciple were walking on Emmaus Road. They were accompanied by the Risen Saviour. Sadly, the disciples did not recognize him and thought he was an uninformed stranger. They shared about the current events regarding the crucifixion and unbelievable resurrection of Lord Jesus, which happened in Jerusalem. (Luke 24:13-35) Lord rebuked them as foolish, and slow to understand the truth, and hence explained from Scripture: The Mosaic Law, Prophets, and Psalms regarding the Messiah. When they urged him to join them for dinner, Lord blessed and broke bread, when the disciples recognized him. But he disappeared from them.
Company in life journey: Lord Jesus joined the journey of the two disciples. The resurrected Lord is our companion in our life journey. As the disciples failed to recognize, today also most believers fail to recognize or acknowledge His presence. If disciples are willing to listen, the Lord teaches all along the life journey of faith.
Emmanuel: The name of Lord Jesus Christ is Emmanuel which means: God With Us. (Matthew 1:22-23) It is not past tense: God was with us. It is not future tense: God will be with us. He is eternally present with His people who exercised their faith in him. The post-resurrection journey with Cleopas and another disciple attest to this truth. Lord Jesus Christ is Near and not far away.
Valley of death: David was confident to walk through the Valley of Death, as God was with Him. Yes, the resurrected Saviour is with his followers, even when they have to pass through hard, tough, difficult, troublesome, and turbulent times.
Two or three: When two or three of his people are gathered, the risen Lord is in their midst. (Matthew 18:20) It is a great honor and privilege to have Him in our midst, who is Holy and deserves all our worship.
Christ is near: Paul writes: There is no need to ascend to heaven to bring Christ down, descend to the abyss to bring from the dead. He is near, in our hearts. (Romans 10: 6-8)
Do I enjoy His presence in my life journey?