A Blind Watchman

In a bank, they appointed a night watchman. Due to cataracts, he was not able to see properly. Robbers came in the night, he realized there was a danger. He switched on the torch to scare them away, but the light gave robbers better visibility and accessibility. Overpowering the blind watchman, robbers looted the bank. Prophet Isaiah condemned the leaders of Israel, who were called to be watchmen for their inadequacies, lack of stewardship, superstitious hope of progress, and sins. (Isaiah 56:10-12) All disciples of the Lord are watchmen, taking care of themselves, family, friends, fellow believers, community, and nation.

Blind: A watchman is expected to have sharp eyesight, but sadly, these leaders were blind. It means they allowed Satan to blur their vision that they are unable to see and lead people in the path of righteousness.

Ignorant: They were spiritually ignorant that they neither knew the Lord nor His Laws. Those who love the Lord, will know His requirements, and live accordingly.

Sleeping: Instead of being alert, they were lying down and loved to enjoy deep sleep, maybe with sweet dreams. As a watchman, they were sleepwalking into danger and darkness. They will mislead many into misery.

Dumb dogs: A watchman should be on the top of the watch tower to warn of coming danger and prepare people to counter such attacks. However, the leaders of Israel were dumb dogs, unable to bark. Perhaps, they saw the danger but did not inform the people.

Greedy dogs: Isaiah declared that the leaders were like greedy dogs, that never had enough. Without godliness and contentment, they were materialistic pursuing worldly perishable wealth.

Selfish gain: Personal gain of wealth, popularity, power, and position were their goals. They developed their own family and ignored others in the community. The welfare of the people, for whom they were responsible was forgotten.

Drunk: These leaders were interested in drinking wine, intoxicating themselves, and dreaming of a great future. They were also drunk with power and even luxurious prosperity.

Am I a sober, alert, wise, and proactive watchman?