Great Pastoral Leaders

Pastors are shepherds of their flock and one day would give an account of each person under their care. (Hebrews 13:17) Those who exercise leadership to small groups like children Sunday school, youth groups, and staff of an organization are also pastoral leaders. There are at least seven areas of accountability.

Spiritual growth: Pastoral leaders are expected to teach each person to obey the gospel truths taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20) Peter was instructed the feed the lambs. (John 21:17) One of the qualifications for Christian leadership is the ability to teach. (II Timothy 2:24) Teaching, mentoring to implement the teaching, and coaching to teach others are primary responsibilities of a pastoral leader. Spiritual disciplines of studying the Word, prayer, praises, intercession, fellowship, witnessing, and ministry should be strictly adhered to.

Physical health: New followers of the Lord Jesus Christ need to be taught basic hygiene and also physical fitness. Disciples should understand that their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should maintain it well to the best of their abilities. Laziness, lack of disciplined food habits, and lack of exercise to keep the body should be rebuked and corrected.

Mental health: Pastoral leaders should help the people of God to be of sound mind, peaceful mind, and renewed mind. Pessimistic thoughts and living in the past could harm a believer. Unwarranted mental tension is injurious to health.

Family life: Sadly, there are many divided, separated, or divorced families. There is no peace in many Christian families and there is no experience of heaven on earth. The reason is the lack of family altar and pastoral leaders should make sure that families have spiritual growth together.

Finances: Disciples combine godliness and contentment, hence have great gain, give for missions, and store treasures in heaven.

Professional excellence: Pastoral leaders make sure each person excels in their personal life in studies job or business.

Social life: Disciples have robust fellowship with believers and great friendship with others to lead them from darkness to light.

Do I receive and give pastoral care?