Mission continuum

A banyan tree grows, and the branches spread down to penetrate the earth to take root. The tree continuously branches out, becomes root, and spreads. The church that obeys the Great Commission, sends out missionaries, they establish churches, those churches send out and the mission continues until the Lord comes. (Matthew 28:18-20)
1. John Eliot (1604–1690) evangelized the Native Americans. He translated the Bible into his native language.
2. David Brainerd (1718–1747) was inspired by John Eliot and continued the ministry among the Native Americans but died when he was 29.
3. Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) edited the diary and journal of David Brainerd and served among Native Americans.
4. William Carey (1761–1834) read a copy of An Account of the Life of the Late Rev. David Brainerd by Jonathan Edwards and reached India in 1793 and the modern missions were born.
5. Charles Simeon (1759–1836) in 1802 spoke about the accomplishment of William Carey which inspired Henry Martyn to mission.
6. Henry Martyn (1781–1812) translated the New Testament into Urdu and Persian.
7. Anthony Norris Groves (1795–1853) influenced Henry Martyn’s biography, served in India and Iraq; is considered the father of faith mission.
8. George Müller (1805–1898) In 1825 Norris Groves published a book Christian Devotedness. That book inspired George Muller.
9. James Hudson Taylor (1832–1905) Groves’s book also shaped the thinking of Hudson to start the China Inland Mission.
10. C. T. Studd (1860–1931) Hudson’s preaching inspired C.T. Studd and six other students known as the “The Cambridge Seven,” who served on overseas missions.
11. D. L. Moody (1837–1899) The life of the Cambridge Seven inspired students in universities in America the seed for the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (started in 1886).
12. Arthur T. Pierson (1837–1911) wrote the biography of George Muller and was involved in SVM.
13. Amy Carmichael (1867–1951), Eric Liddell (1902–1945), and Jim Elliot (1927–1956): The biography of Hudson Taylor influenced later-day missionaries also.

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