A brick of gold

There is a proverb in Punjab: Bringing up a child is equal to a brick of gold. It means it is expensive to raise a child. A child needs investment of time, food, energy, care, teaching, training, disciplining…Apart from parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, neighborhood children…all invest in the child to become a contributing adult to society. An African proverb states: It takes a village to grow a child. Similarly, a newborn believer needs multiple investments and attention provided and nurtured by the Local Church.
Feed: A child cannot feed himself. Mothers feed the children with milk, then gradually help the child to take solid food. Mother decides the best food for the child: Easily digest, provide strength, stamina, and energy, and a balanced food. Providing God’s Word, the manna in the right manner at the right time is essential for new believers.
Clean: For a baby, self-cleaning is not possible. Babies need to depend on others to be washed and clothed. A newborn baby needs to be cleansed of blood, and other tissues. Continuously, a child needs attention almost 24/7 for several months. A hygienic atmosphere is essential. Like the dead Lazar came out of the tomb, yet tied with grave clothes, a believer is tied with cultural, worldly, and ungodly rags. Lord gave life, but the disciples and others had to untie him. In the same way, the Lord gives new life, but the community of believers should untie the rags, the relics of old life. (John 11: 44)
Communication: A newborn communicates by crying alone. Then gradually learns to communicate with gestures, then syllables and words. A mother understands the child and provides all the needs. The local church community should be available to help the new believer communicate with God: through worship, prayer, praises, petitions, and thanksgiving; listening through the Word of God.
Walk: The child takes baby steps and walks. New believers should be trained to walk in wisdom, and love, worthy of the call and light. (Ephesians 5:2, 8, 16)
Protection: A child needs protection so does a new believer.
Do I care for new believers?