A disciple in God’s Kingdom

A Christian life is described like that of a soldier wearing full armour for spiritual warfare against Satan and his demonic forces. (Ephesians 6: 10-17) Soldiers could be effective, successful and victorious when they understand their call, role and purpose for which they are involved in this.
1) Conviction: A Christian begins his spiritual journey by realizing the truth that s/he is a sinner and Lord Jesus Christ is the Saviour. The Holy Spirit helps a person to seek the Lord and be born-again. The assurance of salvation from the Word, helps a person to be a soldier of the Lord for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.
2) Confidence: A believer has confidence in the one who has called, recruited, trained and appointed him, the captain of our salvation. (Hebrew 2:10)
3) Commitment: A soldier is expected to be committed to the Commander. That includes spontaneous, implicit and absolute obedience.
4) Consecrate: Soldier is consecrated for the nation or kingdom. He should not be involved in ordinary, mundane, or civilian matters. (II Timothy 2:4) Like an athlete a Christian believer must throw off all unwanted baggage. (Hebrews 12:1)
5) Courage: A soldier cannot be timid. Moses Law directs the commanders of the army to send home those who are afraid and fainthearted. They cannot go with the army as they will demoralize the whole army. (Deuteronomy 20:8)
6) Conflict: A Christian life is a continuous and consistent fight against Satan and his powerful agents. Paul shows his life as an example of fight. (II Timothy 4:7)
7) Cost: The cost of being a soldier is his/her own life. A soldier does not count his own life as greater than the cause for which s/he is fighting. A disciple is called to follow the Master, who demands his followers to take up the cross, a sign of violent and cruel death. A disciple is not afraid of death, instead sees that as the last door to enter, which leads to eternity with God of Heaven and Earth.
Am I a diligent soldier of the Lord?