Generosity of Barnabas

Barnabas is an important church leader in the first century church who was generous.
1) Generous donor: Barnabas sold his field and donated it to the Church in Jerusalem. (Acts 4:36-37)
2) Generous to a New convert: Saul met Lord Jesus Christ on the Damascus Road on his way to persecute Christians in the city of Damascus. Because of his notorious reputation, Saul was viewed with suspicion. However, Barnabas was generous towards him and brought him to meet other disciples including the Apostles. (Acts 9:26-28)
3) Generous to invite Paul: Barnabas was deputed from Jerusalem to the church at Antioch. He taught the disciples there and felt he needed more help. Barnabas went to Tarsus and brought him to Antioch. (Acts 11:25) Barnabas was able to discern God’s call in the life of Paul, his gifting as a teacher, hence opened doors for his ministry.
4) Generous to the poor: When prophet Agabus predicted famine, the church collected funds to help the Church at Jerusalem. Barnabas was also involved in fund raising and taking that fund to Jerusalem. (Acts 11:28-30)
5) Generous to make Paul leader: The leaders of the church at Antioch commissioned Barnabas and Paul as missionaries. Luke, who writes in the beginning as a team of Barnabas and Paul, later changes it to Paul and Barnabas. (Acts 13:13) Perhaps, John Mark the nephew of Barnabas was upset with the leadership change and left the team.
6) Generous to Gentiles: Barnabas had a right attitude towards Gentiles. Hence, he was deputed by the Jerusalem church to Antioch to teach the new converts who were from Gentile background. (Acts 13:1-2)
7) Generous to John Mark: When the missionary trip was planned, Paul did not think it was wise to take John Mark a deserter for the trip. However, Barnabas had a redemptive attitude towards John Mark, hence did not abandon the young man. (Acts 15: 37-39) Barnabas was correct that later he wrote the gospel of Mark. Paul indirectly compliments Barnabas as wrote that Mark is useful for him. (II Timothy 4:11)
Am I generous like Barnabas?