A Heckler’s veto

When a single individual or a group or a mob shout at the top of its voice or vociferously communicate against an idea or a speech; the government authorities restrict the freedom of speech of individual or people and give in to the hecklers. The government takes the side of the hecklers and suppresses the rights of individuals. Instead of upholding the rights, the government upholds the heckler’s biased concerns or hurt feelings. This is what exactly happened before Pontius Pilate.
Instigated mob: The Chief Priests have instigated a mob to heckle and shout in unison against Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 27:20)
Innocent flogged: Pontius Pilate though did not find any guilt, was flogged by his soldiers, crowned with thorns, and badly bruised. Pilate thought that the mob would have mercy on the bleeding, beaten, and bruised man. However, the crowd did not have an iota of mercy.
I find no fault in him: Pontius Pilate had examined Lord Jesus Christ in an open court where the Jewish elders including the Chief Priests were present. He declared that he could not find any fault in him. (Luke 23:4; John 19:6)
Warning from wife: Pontius Pilate’s wife sensing the commotion in the night sent a note to him. “Have nothing to do with the righteous man for I have suffered much because of him in a dream today.” (Matthew 27: 19)
What evil has he done: Frustrated Pontius Pilate asked the mob that chose Barabbas and wanted Lord Jesus to be crucified: “What evil has he done?”
Heckler’s cry and triumph: The mob became hecklers and shouted that Lord Jesus be crucified and Barabbas be set free.
Failed: Pontius Pilate miserably failed to pacify, appease, and appeal, he gave Lord Jesus to be crucified.
Washing Hands: Pilate chose to wash his hands off the guilt and sin of the greatest miscarriage of justice in human history.
Hecklers, mockers, and scorners could deprive righteous people of their rights and privileges. Yet, God is not mocked, what individuals sow, so shall they reap. (Galatians 6:7)
Do I follow the mob or stand for truth?