Deliver us from evil

Lord’s prayer includes a request for deliverance from the evil or evil one. (Matthew 6:13) Satan always works hard using temptations to entangle, maim, steal, destroy, and kill a child of God. (John 10:10) Peter describes Satan as a roaming and roaring lion, eager to swallow or devour. (I Peter 5:8) The prayer also helps believers to acknowledge that they are weak and vulnerable. The source of temptations could be intimidating, deceptive, or shuttle.
Intimidated Peter: The dynamic disciple of the twelve, was confident that he would never deny Lord Jesus Christ, in fact, would die for Him. (Matthew 26:35) However, he denied Lord Jesus three times before the cock crew twice. He was not intimidated by Pontius Pilate or High Priest, but by only a servant girl. (Luke 22:54-62) Intimidation need not be from people holding authority, it could be from ordinary people. Peter, in his self-confidence, did not pray for God’s power to overcome such temptation.
Deceived Judas: Judas fell into temptation, which was a deception of riches. (Mark 4:19) Judas volunteered to betray Lord Jesus Christ, His Master who loved him and recruited him for thirty pieces of silver. (Matthew 26:14:15) Silver coins were stronger than Judas’ resolve.
Thomas had doubt: Satan always deceived people of God, by raising doubts. The Serpent asked Eve; Did God actually say? (Genesis 3:1) Thomas demanded evidence, which the other ten disciples had the privilege to experience. Thomas could neither believe the Lord’s deity and power nor the witness of other disciples.
Cultural deception: Barnabas, the son of encouragement also was vulnerable to cultural values that contradict the truth. Jewish culture treated Gentiles as untouchable and did not dine with them. Sadly, Barnabas followed culture rather than Scripture. Barnabas who valued relationships minimized the truth demands. (Galatians 2:11-14) He forgot that all humans are created in the image of God, descendants of Adam and Eve, and Lord Jesus Christ died for all humans.
Temptations in the world are sure realities. With human strength, it is not possible to overcome the messengers of Satan.
Do I experience God’s delivering presence and overcoming power?