Abandoned or Anointed?

A son was born in a family. At that time the father lost his business due to political and economic changes in the country. The father was very angry with his newborn son stating he had brought misfortune to the family. Right from his birth, the son was unloved, uncared, and ignored. His elder siblings were sent to good schools, but this boy was not. Every day discrimination took its toll. As a teenager, he committed suicide. Prophet Samuel was sent to the house of Jesse. God had rejected Saul as the king for his disobedience and rebellion. Now, God decided to anoint the next king. Reaching the house of Jesse, he summoned his seven sons. But God did not choose any of them. Then Samuel asked: Are these all sons you have? Then Jesse remembers David who was away taking care of his sheep. (I Samuel 16:6-13) God commanded Samuel to anoint David.

Forgotten by parents: Samuel reached Jesse’s home and invited his family for sacrifice. It was an important event, that the renowned prophet visited their home. Excited, they joyfully prepared for the sacrifice. They prepared the seven sons who were elders and at home for the significant event of sacrifice. Even for a moment, they did not think about David, summoning him for the sacrifice. Jesse did not mention about another son.

Forgotten by siblings: Seven brothers also did not think of their missing youngest brother David. They could have reminded their dad to send servants to call David.

Remembered by God: Perhaps, he was ignored or considered useless or too small to be part of the sacrifice, both by his parents and siblings. Samuel was frustrated that all seven sons presented were rejected. Then Samuel confronts Jesse if he had more sons. Only after God reminded Jesse through Samuel, did he remember David.

Anointed by God: God chose the forgotten, abandoned, and ignored David to be the future king of Israel, and made a covenant with him that the Messiah would be his descendant and called as Son of David.

Has God remembered me and blessed me?