A Catholic former Dutch prime minister, Dries van Agt, has died by euthanasia, hand in hand with his wife Eugenie. They were both 93. (The Guardian 11 February 2024) This is becoming a trend and more countries are making it legal for a person to die choosing euthanasia for a variety of reasons including incurable disease, immense pain, no treatment available…etc. The Ten Commandments forbids murder, which includes self-murder, or suicide. (Exodus 20:13)

Euthanasia in the Bible: Abimelek, after being fatally wounded by a fractured skull as a millstone hit his head, asks his armor-bearer to kill him. (Judges 9:52-55) King Saul also wounded and invited a person to kill him on Mount Gilboa. (II Samuel 1:6-10) Just because such incidents are recorded in the bible does not mean Euthanasia is endorsed in the bible.

Value: Humans are created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26) The life and breath of every creature is in the hands of God. (Job 12:10) Humans are more valuable than the birds of the air. (Matthew 6:26) The value of a human being is not decided by the amount of pleasure or pain a person experiences, but the purpose for which that person was created.

Fear: Those who favor euthanasia argue that first, loved ones are unable to witness or watch their unbearable pain. Second, their loved ones lose their dignity due to too many medical interventions. Third, the medical expenses are unaffordable. Fourth, some fear being dependent on others, hence want to opt for Euthanasia.

Free choice: Humans are rational beings. They know what is right and wrong and hence should be allowed to make choices, like opting for Euthanasia. Yet, they are accountable to God, the author of faith.

Christian choice: A Christian need not opt for euthanasia. God does not make mistakes and at the right time, He calls His children to the Eternal Home. Palliative care could be an option. Also, pray that the Lord may call His children without much physical suffering on the deathbed.

Do I realize death as being absent in body, but present in Christ? (II Corinthians 5:8)

Do I have faith that sees in the dark?