Anonymous Ananias

God chooses to send Ananias, who is mentioned as his servant. He is available for the Lord, even though in his perception it was a risky or dangerous job. There is no information about Ananias before this event or after. He was a simple follower of Lord Jesus Christ, not designated as an apostle or pastor or a prophet. Yet, he was a devout man and had a reputation among all. (Acts 22:12) God uses people, simple people, and humble people to accomplish His plan.

God spoke to Ananias in a vision. God gave specific instructions. First, God gave him the name of the specific street called Straight. Second, he had to go to the house of Judas in that street. Third, he should look for a person called Saul of Tarsus. Four, that Saul would be praying. Five, God through a vision had informed about Ananias coming to Saul.
Saul was praying, in fact truly praying now. Earlier he said prayers as routine, ritual, tradition, or discipline. Now it was not a mechanical repetition of words, but spiritual conversation with God. Now, he prays to God with Lord Jesus as the mediator. Of course, he prayed in the Name of Jesus.
Ananias knew the past and present mission of Saul – to persecute the saints but did not know the future mission of Saul. Lord revealed to Ananias that Saul was His chosen vessel; will bear the name or testify the name of Lord Jesus before Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel. Saul who made people suffer for the sake of the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, will hereafter suffer for His Name. (Acts 9:13-19)
Ananias was obedient, he went as instructed and reached Saul. He placed his hand on him. Ananias addresses Saul as ‘brother.’ The dynamics of relationships have drastically changed. Saul was blind to see the face of Ananias. The loving touch and sweet word ‘brother’ helped Saul to recognize the love of the Lord. Later Saul was baptized.

Do I praise God for brothers and sisters like Ananias who ministered in my life?