Anti-dot for envy

F.B. Meyer and Campbell Morgan were great contemporary leaders. Meyer used to get a large crowd to hear his messages. Campbell Morgan also came to that location and started preaching. Gradually, many of Meyer’s congregation went to listen to Morgan. Envy, anger and jealousy overwhelmed Meyer. He prayed and asked God to deliver him from this envy and bitterness. As guided by the Spirit, Meyer began to pray that God may bless Morgan’s ministry abundantly, that the hall where he ministers should be filled. Those who cannot find a place in that ministry may come to him. Meyer was healed from the rottenness of his bones. (Proverbs 14:30) Envy is natural to most humans. Certain cultures sadly place envy in high pedestal. Many people are not able to come out of this vicious trap of Satan. Even believers become victims of this sin.
Unique: God has created each person as a special and unique person. The relationship with God precedes all other relationships with humans. Hence, being grateful to God, and knowing the unique role in the world should be the priority.
Just God: Bible teaches us that God is righteous. The Parable of Talents teaches that God provides resources, opportunities, and skills according to His will. (Matthew 25:14-30) He knows each person’s capacity and provides accordingly. The task should be to be faithful stewards.
Unwarranted comparison: Trying to know what others are up to is human curiosity. Knowing such information also leads to envy. Peter wanted to know the future plan of John in his conversation with the Risen Saviour. (John 21: 21) Lord plainly rebuked Peter to ‘mind his business and not poke nose in other’s business, but focus on following Him. (John 21:22)
Measure up: Many people are unable to measure up with others in good or great standards. Cain could not measure up to Abel’s standard of spirituality. Hence, he wanted to pull him down to his level or eliminate him. Cain ended up killing his brother. (Genesis 4)
Antidote for envy is prayers of blessings.
Have I escaped the dominating nature of envy?