Wicked will not be acquitted

In Germany when Hitler ruled, there were many concentration camps to torture and kill people who were considered as enemies. The Sachsenhausen concentration camp functioned from 1936 to 1945. Sachsenhausen had an active gas chamber to snuff out the lives of people. Various medical experiments also took place. Josef Schuetz, a 101-year-old former SS concentration camp guard was sentenced to five years in prison by the court in Brandenburg. The conviction is for his complicity in the murder of 3518 individuals in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in North Berlin. He was deported from Wisconsin as it was found he was an SS Guard in Sachsenhausen and Trawniki camps. (The Jerusalem Post, 28 June 2022)
More than six million (sixty lakhs) Jewish people were killed in Europe during the time of Hitler. They were dragged into trains that took them to concentration camps. Tortured in the camps, later they were killed in gas chambers where poisonous gas was pumped in. Sadly, many officials working for the government were ruthless and did this merciless, unjust act. This is known as Holocaust.
The Jewish people who escaped the tragedy wanted justice for the dead, and punishment for those wilfully engaged in this crime against humanity. Many were brought to justice after deporting them from various nations, where they changed their identity and lived in disguise.
If the International Law could bring to justice and punish wicked officials after seventy plus years, will not God judge the wicked. God says: “I will not acquit the wicked.” (Exodus 23:7) This is God’s Law as well as Promise. Holy God, who loves righteousness will not allow wicked to escape punishment. In the world, they could escape by disguising, hiding, changing features by plastic surgery or other loopholes in the laws of nations or incompetence of police or judges. Nevertheless, they cannot escape God’s scrutiny, punishment and judgment.
Asaph describes, envies and laments seeing the wicked prosper. When he comes to God’s sanctuary, he understands the end story of the wicked. (Psalms 73:1-17)
Do I realize God’s righteousness and justice?