Expressing gratitude

There is an interesting story about a learned professor. He went into depression and did not care for anything or anybody. His life was distraught and slipping into hopelessness. As a learned person, advice and counsel did not appeal to him. One of his friends visited him and spent time with him. He challenged him not to give-up. He said: “In your life there should be few people who helped you to become a professor.” The reply was: ‘Yes.’ His friend asked him to think of one significant person who shaped his life and write a thank you note to him/her. The depressed professor could see his loving schoolteacher who helped him to read better, develop love for books and inspired to study literature. He wrote a note and posted which was received by the old lady. In her own handwriting that was written with shaky hands, was sent to the professor. “Thanks for writing this letter. I vividly remember you. In fifty years of my service, this is the first letter I received. I will cherish this every day until I die.” That response transformed the professor. He started writing to many, which were more than 500 notes of expression of gratitude. He was never depressed or discouraged again.
God: There are millions of things that we ought to be grateful for. Yet, worship for many seems meaningless. David speaks to his inner-self, to praise, bless and exalt the Lord and not forget the blessings or benefits. (Psalms 103:1-2)
Parents: Generally, parents invest in the lives of their children. Many sacrifice their joy and comfort to see their children excel. Of course, there are a few who are mean and worthless. Anyway, God used them to be alive today.
School: Teachers in the school, inspire, clarify and guide in the path of knowledge and prosperity.
Church: It is a privilege to be part of the local church where Sunday School lays the foundation for spiritual growth.
Community: Numerous friends, relatives, strangers, colleagues, neighbors have made life enjoyable.
Let us be always grateful.
Do I express my gratitude joyfully?