Appropriate Grace

God’s grace is amazing and is beyond comprehension. His grace is manifest according to the needs of the person, the context, and God’s higher purpose. Sickness, pain, and suffering are part of the world that was cursed because of the human Fall in the Garden of Eden. The legacy of Adam and Eve penetrates all aspects of the world, its systems and structure. Three people who had similar health issues, but experienced different measures of grace.
Miraculous healing: A young woman in Delhi, a mother of two was surprised that her both kidneys had failed. As a poor family, they could not afford any treatment. A friend who was a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ challenged her to have faith and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. Not knowing how to pray, she called upon the name of the Lord, and she was miraculously healed. (Romans 10:13) She powerfully witnesses to others about the healing power and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Treatment: God has blessed the world with resources. He gives knowledge and wisdom to people. The medical professionals who have such knowledge have found new ways of treating such patients with kidney ailments. One person had a kidney transplant done and has been alive for more than 22 years. Another mission leader who does self-dialysis is doing ministry globally travelling to many countries. God made His grace sufficient for these people that His power may be manifested in their weaknesses. (II Corinthians 12:9)
Death: There are a few believers who died of kidney failure. It was not a lack of faith, but according to the Plan and purpose of God. The time on earth is determined by God for each person. When God calls a person, He has a definite time-bound plan. At any age: infants, young, middle-aged, old, or senior citizens; God calls them to His eternal Home according to His will, plan, and purpose. God gives grace to those who die when they are young by world standards. Blessed are those, who die in the Lord at any age or stage. (Revelation 14:13)
Do I experience this mysterious grace in my life?