Vain Glory or Spirit of Glory

Some claim to be descended from the sun or moon, lakes or mountains or oceans or rivers, angels or giants or dragons. Anthropological studies reveal that various people groups claim glorious mythological pasts, for higher status in society in contrast to others. Tribal pride, caste pride, racial pride, linguistic pride, and cultural pride are the result of such vain glory. However, Peter writes that the Spirit of Glory and God rests on those who are insulted, humiliated, or persecuted for His Name’s sake. (I Peter 4:14)
One man: All humans are created from one man Adam. The myth of descending from any other source is human imagination that has no basis. Even evolution theory is a ‘scientific myth’ or speculation rather than truth.
Created Equal: All humans are created equal. There is no hierarchy based on caste or class, race or nationality, or any other basis. In God’s sight, all are equal.
Equal sinners: All humans have sinned and lost the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) First, humans have inherited sin. Second, they have sinned as no one is perfect. Third, they sin by not doing what they are supposed to do as good for others.
Christ died for all: All humans are sinners and deserve eternal death as punishment. However, God sent His Son Lord Jesus Christ into the world to bear the burden of sin, die on the cross of Calvary, and rise again to provide salvation to all those who believe.
Vain glory: Sadly, instead of accepting the truth in humility that they are sinners, they design their own greatness based on pride and myth. Pride and myth will lead people to destruction. Individuals, families, groups, communities, and nations are in pursuit of popularity, status, and vain glory.
Spirit of Glory: God has promised to come and indwell in those who hear His knock on the door of their hearts. (Revelation 3:20) They become the Temple of the Holy Spirit, thus the Spirit of Glory rests on them. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
Do I experience the Spirit of Glory resting on me?

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