What is in our hand?

Many times, people of God do not know the value of resources that are in their hands. However, God delights to use what meager resources to fulfill His purpose and for His glory.

Ox goad: Eight-foot-long stick is an ox goad. On one end it is sharp to poke the ox and the other end was like a chisel for scraping the plow clean of dirt. God used what was in the hand of Shamgar to defeat six hundred tormentors of God’s people. (Judges 3:21)

A stone: David chose to take only a few stones and a sling to fight against well-trained, well-equipped, and well-experienced Goliath. Though King Saul offered him a complete set of armor. God used that stone to give him the victory. (I Samuel 17:49)

Jawbone: Interestingly, 3000 men of Judah bound Samson and left him in Lehi before 1000 Philistines were lynched. Judah had a larger army than the Philistines, yet, they surrendered to the Philistines. The people of Judah were willing to please the oppressor rather than support their deliverer. Philistines pounced on Samson, but the Spirit of God came upon him the ropes broke as flax touched by fire. He found the fresh jawbone of a donkey and killed 1000 men. (Judges 15:9-17)

A walking stick: God asked Moses what was in his hand. His reply was a staff or a walking stick. (Exodus 4:2) God sent Moses to confront the Egyptian superpower. Moses knew the might of Egypt in terms of infantry, cavalry, chariots…etc. He trusted God and went with a walking stick. That rod of Moses later would part the Red Sea, strike a rock to bring water, and when raised give victory. It was later called the rod of God. (Exodus 4:20; 17:9)

Boy’s lunch: In a huge crowd, only a small boy with five loaves and two fish was willing to give it to the Lord. (John 6:9) God used that small sacrificial gift of boy to feed five thousand men and other women and children. There were twelve baskets surplus also.
Do I trust God to use what is in my hands?