Bad Boys?

In the Sunday School, a teacher taught the Parable of Prodigal Son. (Luke 15: 11-32) The teacher tried to explain the younger son was a Bad Boy: disobedient, rebellious, wayward, and greedy. One adolescent boy looked confused. When the teacher asked him what bothered him. He said: “My father bought me a Bad Boys brand dress for my birthday. I am not a bad boy and do not want to be one.”
Esteemed: What is esteemed, valued, and exalted in society is important. That reflects the cultural and religious values of people. Goodness, fairness, righteousness, honesty, truthfulness, helpfulness, merciful acts, loving words…etc are generally exalted in societies. In the last few years, what is esteemed has become blurred and even wicked, immoral, and illegal values are esteemed.
Bad as Brand: There are many music troupes, apparels, toys…are having bad as prefixes. When these brands are well received by people, it is a tactic of approval for what is not good. Similarly, a motor bike advertisement uses: ‘Wicked Ride,’ to promote.
Bad as good? Prophet Isaiah declared ‘Woe’ to those who interchanged good and bad. (Isaiah 5:20) Is there a confusion of vocabulary? Is innocent mischief defined as bad?
Lopsided values: It is sad to see, something ‘good’ must be branded and promoted as ‘bad’. When apparel has its brand as ‘Bad Boys,’ it means that the dresses are good and durable.
No discernment: Has society lost its moral compass? The people in the city of Nineveh did not know the difference between right and left, meaning right and wrong. (Jonah 4:11)
Confused generation: The children and young people who are growing up in a society that does not reward the good and punish the wicked, will be confused. Worse, they would choose bad and evil as natural choices.
Prophetic voice: The Church must be a prophetic, discerning, and sane voice amid confusing noises. When educational institutions, civil society, media, and government is silent, evil continues to mesmerize and paralyze people morally and spiritually.
Do I discern with the Word of God and Spirit of God?