Diotrephes – A Self-serving leader

Some leaders become self-serving and ineffective leaders. They begin with a great promise, have all abilities, talents, and gifts, and a favorable context. Yet, they fail. Apostle John writes about three leaders, two were great: Gaius and Demetrius. He also briefly mentions one ineffective leader – Diotrephes. (III John 9,10) Probably, he became a disciple from a Gentile background, as his name indicates: Nurtured by Jupiter.
Proud: Diotrephes was proud, he thought highly of himself, hence rejected the authority of Apostles including John. Disciples ought to be under the authority of God, then leaders whom God had appointed over them. There are many occasions when leaders are like King Saul who hounded David. But there are a few godly leaders who are tender to others and seek the welfare of emerging leaders.
Profane: Diotrephes was not careful in his words. He judged others and used profane, wicked words, which had no meaning – just wicked nonsense. It means he spread unverified and unwarranted rumors damaging the reputation of others. Apostle James warns against speaking ill or evil about others. (James 4:11)
Prating: It means speaking foolishly or speaking at length on minor things. Leaders like Diotrephes, give long lectures about unimportant and insignificant things but ignore the most important subjects. Strangely, they show themselves as an expert in all subjects under the sun.
Preeminence seeker: Leaders like Diotrephes were like Jewish religious leaders, who desired and demanded prominent places to make their presence felt. (Luke 11:43) They expected hosts to provide them the first, best, and preeminent places to sit, part in the program, and a big donation.
Putting people out: Christian leaders should be loving, showing mercy, providing hospitality, and welcoming all. However, Diotrephes did not show hospitality to those who deserve it, even to traveling itinerant preachers and teachers. He arrogated himself to put out people or excommunicate people of God from the congregation. Instead of inviting people to the Lord, he was chasing people away.
Poor example: Diotrephes was a bad model for Christian leadership. Sadly, even today many follow his example.
Am I an ineffective disciple/leader?