Hardened Heart!

The Spirit of God will not keep on striving or working in humans. (Genesis 6:1-3) If their disobedience, rebellion, and obstinate behavior are consistent, that could be termed as a hardened heart or stubborn heart. Free will is granted to human beings, they have the freedom to harden their hearts. When humans harden their hearts, God has the authority to harden them further and execute judgment.
Self-hardened heart: Six times Pharaoh hardened his heart. Pharaoh hardened his heart first when Moses performed the sign of his staff becoming a serpent. The magicians also were able to do so, hence Pharaoh hardened his heart. (Exodus 7:13) When magicians changed water into blood like Moses, he hardened his heart. (Exodus 7:22) Pharaoh’s request of withdrawing the plague of frogs was granted, and he hardened his heart. (Exodus 8:15) The magicians confessed that the plague of Gnats was the Finger of God, yet Pharaoh hardened his heart. (Exodus 8:19) After the plague of Flies and the plague of death of livestock, Pharaoh hardened his heart. (Exodus 8:32: 9:7) God gave Pharaoh six opportunities to repent.
God-hardened heart: God then proceeded further to harden the heart of Pharaoh. First, after the plague of boils, the Lord hardened his heart. (Exodus 9:12) After the plague of Locusts Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart. (Exodus 10:20) The utter darkness plunged on Egypt, and his heart also was darkened by the Lord. (Exodus 10:27) Even after all the plagues and signs, Pharaoh did not repent, Lord hardened his heart. (Exodus 11:10)
Ripe for judgment: When a person stops heeding the voice of the Lord, the heart is hardened by self-will. God allows that person’s heart to harden further so that it is ripe for judgment.
Death of firstborn: God executed judgment on Pharaoh, his officials, and the whole nation of Egypt. All the firstborns among humans and animals died. (Exodus 12:29) He let Israel go. Nevertheless, instead of repentance and surrendering to God, he wanted to enslave Israel again.
Drowned to Death: Pursuing Israel, Pharaoh, and his six hundred chariots drowned in the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:26-28)
Do I harden my heart against God’s love?