Beware of false teachers

There are always people who could misguide those who are simple-minded. The choice of narrow gate is the way to live. (Matthew 7:13) However, there are numerous false prophets who advertise and motivate people to choose the broad way. False teachers and False prophets are described in three terms.

1) Wolves: Lord plainly said that He is sending sheep among wolves. Yes, it is a hostile world, filled with false ideas, ideologies, doctrines, philosophies, myths, hypes, genealogies, empty talks, old-woman tales…etc. (Matthew 10:16) They are clothed like sheep but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (Matthew 7:15) Masking themselves as bible teachers or good preachers, they mislead and misdirect people away from following the Way of the Lord.

2) Dogs: They have the tendency to bite strangers, especially those who could be easily intimidated. (Philippians 3:2) They are neither pet dogs or lap dogs, but ferocious herds of dogs. Street dogs without an owner hunt as packs. Many times, they quarrel among themselves, and attack any passer-by. False teachers are quarrelsome, contentious, and argumentative. Dogs return to vomit, in the same way, they go back to old traditions and superstitions and give new meaning. (Proverbs 26:11) Paul writes in the context of the circumcision party, that wanted the disciples to become Jew by circumcision before being disciples.

3) Brute Beasts: Peter describes False teachers as brute beasts. Such beasts are fit to be caught and killed. (II Peter 2:12) It is said doing good for good is human, good for evil is divine, evil for evil is animal nature, while doing evil for good is devilish nature. This describes the carnal nature or animal instinct in contrast to human nature and divine nature. Ruthless in their attack and they show no mercy, thus they reveal the nature of Satan.
The best way to protect is to know the right teaching of the Scripture. Those who are anchored in the right teaching could immediately deduct anything that is wrong. Berean believers were immersed in the word, that they could evaluate even Paul’s teaching.

Am I anchored in the right teaching of the Scripture?